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“Halogen-free Flame-retardant Liquid and the Preparation Method of Retardant Foam by the Application of Halogen-free Liquid” Got Patent Certification

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       The “halogen-free flame-retardant liquid  and the preparation method of retardant foam by the application of halogen-free liquid” applied by Changzhou Tiansheng New Material Co. Ltd. Obtained the invention patent certificate from theState Intellectual Property Office on June 6th, 2012.
This patent technology is directly related to the main technology. Through the proprietary technology for processing, it can solve the low flame-retardant performance defects of the foaming material part, broaden the application field and special application site, at the same time work on the composite function development for the foaming materials. At present, it has been applied in producing company’s existing products. The acquisition of patent is propitious to give full play to the advantages of independent intellectual property rights, and to enhance the company's core competitiveness.

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