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Experience orderly conveying from Master to Apprentice in pairs to promote company’s development

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Recently, Tiansheng Haotian Technology and Tiansheng Xinqisheng Polymer, in order to enhance employees’ overall quality, strengthen educational training to young employees and improve professional skills, held an apprenticeship partnership between new and old employees ceremony respectively. The 17 pairs of master-prentice in Haotian technology and 32 pairs in Xinqisheng Polymer all signed Apprenticeship Partnership Agreement which defines responsibility and right in both parties.
In the signing ceremony, representatives of masters and prentices made a statement of their positions respectively. The masters’ representative expressed that it is necessary to have a plan and destination to strengthen new employees’ job skills at work. They would give their all skills to teach and give full cadre of technical personnel’s play to teach, help others, and lead team. The prentices’ representative stated that they would be diligent in learning and practice to constantly improve their professional skills, inherit and carry forward their masters’ professional spirit of dedication and hard-working so that they could become company’s key employees soon. 

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